Volunteer Opportunities

No matter how busy you are, there are ways to get involved, stretch professionally, and expand your collegial network by serving as a NANAKSHAHI Volunteer.

Nanakshahi depends on hundreds of institutional member volunteers in a variety of ways each year. As a volunteer, you might

  • advise on association direction in a particular professional area,
  • contribute your expertise to an ad hoc task force,
  • shape the annual current issues survey,
  • select award recipients,
  • determine program theme, tracks, and content for a conference,
  • provide info about important manuscripts/books,
  • help in digitization,
  • help in editing digitized images,
  • help in editing texts,
  • help in editing digitized images,
  • provide lodging,
  • review proposals,
  • help in organizing an exhibition.

    If you are interested in these opportunities, please check the appropriate boxes when completing the Volunteer Interest Form.
    For more information about volunteering, contact volunteer@nanakshahi.org

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