Questionnaire on Digitization & Preservation

Archive Historical Material

Administrative Questions
About the Library / Institution

Name of Library


Person responsible for digitization / electronic collections





Digitization Program & Policy

Do you have a program for digitizing collections?

Yes  No

If yes;
What is the timescale of the program?

When did the program begin?
How many items are included in the program?

If no;
Do you plan to develop such a policy?

Yes  No

Do you have a research program dealing with digitization?

Yes  No

(If "yes" please provide details  separately.)

Selection of Materials

Which of these criteria guide selection of material for digitization? (check all relevant)
Historical/cultural value
Academic importance
Reduce damage
Commercial exploitation
Save space
Research into digital processes
Increase access
Provide document delivery services
Other reasons


Do you co-operate with other organizations to develop your digitization program?

Yes No

If so, which kind (please select all appropriate)

Public libraries
Academic libraries
Private libraries
Private companies

Is your cooperation:

National International Local

Does co-operation consist of

equal partnership
buying services and products
offering services commercially

Do you digitize material from other libraries?

Yes No

If yes, Which libraries or institutions ?


Who is responsible for digitization program ?

How much staff works on the program? (please give full-time equivalents)?

Cost of Digitization

What is your estimate cost of digitizing documents? (please include staff, equipment, space, energy and other related costs)
Per Page

Per Average Book

Per Average Serial issue

Other items (specify)

How do you estimate the costs of migration?

Technical Questions

Digitization Techniques

Who carries out the digitization? the Library
an outside body
Who prepares the documents? library staff
outside staff
From where is the Digitization carried out ? the original
If reproductions are used what is the mode ? photocopies

Format of Digitized Materials

What resolutions are used for digitization ?

Digital image formats used black and white
grey level
File format used TIFF

 other (specify)

Which compression methods are used. Specify

File size obtained after compression (kbytes/Mbytes)

Average compression rate by image types

Black / White





Image processing software used

Do you digitize documents containing characters other than the Latin alphabet?

Yes  No

If "yes" which other scripts

Please give details of any special software used to digitize non-Latin alphabet scripts

Do you digitize sound recordings ?

Yes No

If yes, what methods are used

Do you digitize film or video ?

Yes No

If yes, what methods are used

Have you used OCR software for texts?

Yes No

If yes, which software is used

Have documents undergone special treatment prior to OCR processing?

Yes No

automatic indexing
computer-assisted reading
Other (specify)
For what purpose is OCR processing used?


What OCR recognition rate have you obtained (by document type)?

Which image viewing software do you use?

Have you carried out any post-digitization improvements in image mode or text/OCR mode?

Yes No

If so, which ones

Consultation of digitized materials

Have you developed specific workstations specially to consult the digitized collections?

Yes  No

If yes, which type

Which navigation software is used

The digitized documents

The documents themselves

Are the documents isolated single documents
What type of documents are included in the digitization program including percentage (%) of total digitized
% books (monographs)

% serials

% manuscripts

% report literature

% maps

% photographs

% other (specify)






Do you digitize any of the following ?

drawings and water-colors
three-dimensional objects
fabrics and textiles
sound recordings
films and videos

other (specify)

How are the catalogue records for digitized material kept?

included in the main catalogue in a separate catalogue

The said catalogue is in which form?

on an intranet server
available on the Internet or Websites

Is digitized material catalogued to a recognized standard?

Yes  No

If yes which one?

The records for digitized documents and the original are:

the same  independent of each other

Access to digitized documents
Where are the digitized documents available? only on-site
only within the library
only within the institution
through a Website
If available through a website please give the URL

Which functions are included in the browsing/viewing software? hypertext links


The station is equipped with access control mechanism
billing software
The workstation is connected to internal library servers
an Intranet
the Internet
Can users use OCR software on documents in image mode?

Yes  No


Do users have to pay to use the digitized material ? (select all appropriate)

Yes  No

If yes, when on-site
outside the library
when accessed through the Website
If charges are made how are they calculated ? single charge
by time
by volume of material
by intended use

other (give details)

If charges are made how are they calculated ? invoice
cash at point of use
credit card
electronic accounting

other (specify)

Reproduction & Copyright
Do you Digitize copyright material ?

Yes  No

If yes, is this done under legal provisions for
with the owner's agreement
by paying the owner a fee
under license
without formalities
Does the library own the copyright in the digitized form of the documents?

Yes  No

If not what does

Are users allowed to do any of the following make printouts
download to a PC
download to a local network
download to a general network
Are any electronic management systems used to control copying?

Yes No

If yes, which ones

Products produced from Digitized Documents
Do you produce any of the following from the documents digitized? CD-ROM (how many)
audio CDs
paper documents

CD-ROM (how many)

Preservation & Digitization
Do you have a preservation policy for documents in digital form?

Yes  No

If a document is digitized, do you still allow access to the original?

Yes  No

Are the originals stored ? in the same way as other library
in special conditions
If in special conditions, please specify

Do you have a policy for migrating data to more recent technological platforms?

Yes  No

How often is data migrated

How much data do you migrate

all data  only selected data

If selected how this selection is made

Is migration automatic, based on fixed criteria (for example date)?

Yes  No

Who undertakes the migration ? the library
an outside organization
If an outside organization, why is this?

Future Developments
Would you be prepared to allow your digitized documents to form part of a Virtual Library?

Yes  No

Would you permit the database of such a library to be linked to your Website to permit access to your digitized documents?

Yes  No

If you would not allow this, Please explain why.

Digitization programs of other institutions in your country
This questionnaire has been sent to National Libraries in each country. Do you know of other libraries/archives in your country which have digitization programs that would fit into this survey?

Yes  No

If yes, Please give their addresses
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