Future Plans

The Nanakshahi Trust seeks to continue its preservation, promotion, and proliferation of Sikh arts and culture for years to come. Upcoming plans and projects include:

  • Nanakshahi seeks to expand its public service domain with the introduction of an annual membership program. This will increase awareness and public involvement through contributions.

  • Nanakshahi will soon initiate the process of building an Online Digital Library (ODL). The Library will be comprised of digitized manuscripts produced through the Virsa project. The successful launch of the ODL will fill a growing void between geographical, social and cultural differences.

  • Nanakshahi will expand the Sikh Commemorative Collection, introducing new trends and effecting positive change.

  • Initiate new communications and outreach efforts to increase awareness of the Nanakshahi’s programs – more people means more impact!

  • Devise an expanded program for institutional buyers to help Sikh camps, retreats, schools, and other non-profit organizations through the provision of products and services at subsidized prices.

  • Republish Jagjit Singh’s The Sikh Revolution and In the Caravan of Revolutions in a new anthology “Percussions of History”.