Membership Types

There shall be five categories of Members. They shall consist of Student, Active/Associate, Corporate, Honorary, and Life. It is recommended and appealed that members provide a minimum of five years of commitment after due consideration of our work.

  • Student Membership  To be eligible for Student Membership, an applicant must register with the Trust with a nominal fee of Rs 200 annually, and he/she is expected to help organize and participate in atleast two Nanakshahi events in a year. This membership shall terminate at the close of the same calendar year.
  • Active/Associate Membership  To be eligible for Active/Associate Membership an applicant must pledge Rs 6,000 annually and/or must volunteer for forty eight hours a week for a period not less than six months. This membership shall terminate at the close of the same calendar year.
  • Corporate Membership  To be eligible for Corporate Membership a corporation or organization must contribute according to the chart given below, and have an active interest in supporting the objectives of Nanakshahi. This membership shall terminate at the close of the same calendar year.

Annual budget Membership fee
Rs. 100 crore(cr) + Rs. 500,000
Rs. 50-100 cr RS. 250,000
Rs. 25 - 50 cr Rs. 200,000
Rs. 1 - 25 cr Rs. 150,000
Rs. 50 lakh(L) - 1 cr Rs. 100,000
Rs. 25 L - 50 L Rs. 75,000
Rs. 15 L - 25 L Rs. 50,000
Rs. 10 L - 15 L Rs. 30,000
Rs. 5L - 10 L Rs. 20,000
Rs. 1 L - 5 L Rs. 5,000

  • Honorary Membership  Honorary Membership shall be conferred upon persons, who, in the unanimous opinion of the Management, have made a distinguished contribution or have voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the Trust or the Community, which warrants exceptional recognition.

This is the only type of membership which would have no monetary obligation, but will have the rights to visit, voice, or debate (torch bearer); but he/she shall not hold any office. The tenure of this category is five calendar years from the date of enrollment.

  • Life Membership  To be eligible for Life Membership an individual or a corporation must pledge Rs 20,00,000. Alternately, Life Membership may be conferred on persons who have volunteered for over Ten year or have remained a member of the Trust in good standing, in any of the above categories, for over a period of twelve years continuously. The tenure of Life Membership is life time. (this would be for the life time what ever it translate to)